Verizon Cloud App Reviews

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I love it! Very easy to use!!


Perfect storage. Frees up space on my iPhone!

Great so far......

Just started using VerizonCloud recently but am very pleased so far........ Thanks ! Van Jeffords

So far so good

Only thing needed is to back up notes and memos

So far, so good! Cant complain!

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of my many older photos being backed up, as I havent been very good about backing up to my home computer. I guess well see what happens, but Im confident that Verizon will do the right thing!


So slow you wonder if its actually doing something. After two hours it said it was done....but the last 10 pics I took had not been backed up. I tried several times to start the backup again to get these last pics...but backup kept "failing". This doesnt work very well.

Like it!!

It is slow but love the fact it is free!!


Its VERY good and amazing and best of all, easy to use!

Doesnt work

Downloaded this app to replace the previous Verizon contacts back up. However I always get the error message of something went wrong try again when I try to set it up.


So i registered my verizon with this and everything. I had about 100-200 photos on here. All of a sudden i lose all of my photos. Verizons response was to get me to use icloud instead because that works better. Extremely disappointed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. ICLOUD IS PROBABLY MUCH BETTER THAN THIS SERVICE.

It works !!

Functionality and automaticity 4 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have only use it once so I have not had the opportunity to familiarize with all the available features. It does take awhile to backup especially having lots of data... it works !

Good App, Need more than 5 GB to start

Good App to backup info, but you should access more than 5GB.


Works well for me. No problems.


Great app for what I need it for. Thanks for the update!!!!

Its okay !

I like this app but it didnt back up all of my photos and videos. I have pictures from 2015 that didnt backup, but other than that works great !

Great App

Great way to back up photos, videos and contacts as a secondary backup to iCloud



Its working now

Had to delete and re-install app to make it work. It now does what its supposed to do.

Verizon. Cloud

Love this app!

Excellent way to back up contacts

Excellent way to back up contacts !

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